What is Base Health Foundation?

  • Base Health Foundation  is a Not-for-Profit organisation which is committed to working towards equal and high quality healthcare for all . 
  • We encourage a spirit of humanitarianism and a long-term commitment to ending health disparities amongst the  vulnerable communities to ensure quality health care  to everyone in need.


We offer Primary Health Care , after identifying  specific health problems in a community, examining possibilities of resolving the problem and providing solutions.


  • Our mission is to improve awareness of community members about disease prevention, healthy living, life skills, and sexual reproductive health.
  • With digital education and information we support health professionals and community workers to enhance their knowledge and efficiency , so they can provide high standard of care to the population in need.
  • Continuous teaching and professional development training by doctors , nurses from the developed countries will help to transfer of knowledge to the remote areas of the world.


  • Innovation in the corner stone in Modern Digital health care.
  • Base Health Foundation is involved in development of an AI tool for mass cancer screening in women . Once the  tool is fully developed – it will be used for our Primary Health Care Clinics .
  • We are committed to use innovative health tools to improve primary health care for the mass.


  • In partnership with local communities , we provide evidence based Health care through structured community clinics – Primary Health Care Clinic / PHCC (Base Clinics)
  • We use digital technologies and tele-communications to facilitate health care services for economically deprived vulnerable population who are generally left out of conventional Health care system.
  • Digitalised tele-medicine will make the primary health care delivery system more flexible and efficient

We Can’t Do it Alone

  • We know that we can’t reach out to every human beings in every corners of the world. However it is not difficult to provide a standard basic health care to a vast population, if we can work in partnership with local community or philanthropic organisations . The impact of our efforts will then be magnified many folds.
  • To enhance sustainability and maintain local support, Base Health Foundation believe in cooperative partnerships with local organizations .
  • If you are interested in partnering with Base Health Foundation please contact us.


As a Local Sponsor / Partner of PHCC

As an International Advisory Board member

As a Donor / Supporter

As a Volunteer Medical / Nursing professional to support remote clinics